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    Main Forum Rules


    Yeah, we know: you hate rules! That’s why you probably moved out of your parents’ basement.
    Nevertheless, rules are an important aspect of forums.

    It is understandable that members have the rights to say whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want–as long as it’s on their own property, within the confines of their personal space, and in accordance with the laws of the land. However, members do not have the full extent of freedom of speech on privately owned forums/websites.

    !!! This is an LGBTQ+ forum and we will not tolerate any homophobic comments !!!

    The administration (Admins) and the moderators of the forums have the right and responsibility to create, maintain, and enforce the following rules on this page throughout the forums, in the goal of protecting the interest of the community as a whole. The Admins and Moderators will edit, delete or put on moderation queue, any post at any time that is inappropriate or have the potential to cause flame wars. If deemed necessary, the account could be put on moderation queue. The Admins will also delete, ban, or disable a member’s account for any reason that the administration has decided on.


    1. Please note that when you post on this forum will automatically be placed in the moderation queue and will be approved or disapproved according to the forum rules.

    1.1. The determination of what is considered as indecent, vulgar, spam, etc. is up to the Admins and moderators of the forum, and not the users.

    2. All content posted on this forum must conform to copyright rules.

    3. Posts are to be made in the relevant forum sections. Users are asked to read the forum descriptions before posting. Users consistently posting to the wrong forum may be given a warning.

    4. Members should post in a way that is respectful of other users. Flaming or abusing users in any way will not be tolerated and will lead to a warning.

    5. If you are not a Forum Support member, Moderator or Admin, you should not be taking upon yourself to confront or reprimand other members of this forum, whether in threads or by (PM) Private Message.

    5.1. The correct action to take to report any issue of other members that are NOT staff member, that you believe is questionable or breaks the site rules, is by one of the following methods:

    5.1.1Use the post/message REPORT function.

    5.1.2PM (Private Message) a member of staff for that section.

    5.2. The staff investigates and handles all reported issues on a case by case basis. Users who constantly “act” as moderators but are not, will result in a WARNING.

    6. The image that pointing to data stored on third party systems for which the user has not received permission to link to, may be removed.

    7. Members should post in a way which is consistent with “normal writing”. That is, users should not post excessive numbers of emoticons, large, small or coloured text, etc. Similarly, users should not SHOUT (capital text) or use excessive punctuation (e.g. ! and ?) in topic titles or posts. Users consistently abusing this will result in a WARNING.

    8. Members should use an appropriate, descriptive subject when posting a new topic.


    9. All members must be 13 or older to join. However, there are sections that is reserved for people aged 18 and over. These sections are identified with 18+ in their descriptions. Please note that if you are caught posting in the 18+ section if you are not 18 yet, you will be banned. Do not joke about yourself being below 13 years old when you are 13 or above. Once you mentioned it anywhere in the forum and get caught, you will be presumed to register with a fake date of birth. Even after your ban, if you tell us it was just a joke, it is too late. Results in being BANNED if you are below 13 years old or using fake info for the date of birth registration.


    10. French and English are the conversational languages in our forums. Don’t use other languages unless in private (PMs). We want to keep all content open to all members so they can participate.


    11. Creating threads for the purpose of advertising is not allowed except for clan recruiting etc.

    11.1. Do not spam in Private Message


    12. Help whenever you can, even if you are not a Mod. Actually, that’s how we select our staff members.

    13. Do NOT SPAM , troll , or flood the forum.  You may chat all you want in specific chat designated sections but we will delete some posts if necessary.

    14.  with contest invitations or advertisements, unless you know that person is fine with receiving them.

    15. Do NOT be rude to Admins and Mods! Respect every staff member.

    16. If you have any problems [unfairness or complaints] with a staff member, do NOT take it upon yourself to resolve it by openly telling everyone.

    16.1. If you need to report any problems [unfairness or complaints] from a staff member send a Private Message (PM) to an Admin or mod of the forum (look at the bottom of the forum’s section for the list of Admins in charge). You may also PM any Moderators that is active in the forum.

    17. Do NOT harass or be rude to others.

    18. If you are not a Forum Support, Moderator or Admin member then you should not be taking it upon yourself to confront or reprimand other members of the site, whether in threads or by PM.

    18.1. The correct action to take is Report the issue that you believe is questionable or breaks the site rules by one of the following methods:
    18.2. Use the post/message REPORT function.
    18.3. PM (Private Message) a member of staff.

    The staff investigates and handles all reported issues on a case by case basis.

    19. Do NOT create multiple accounts!

    20. MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES: Do not impersonate someone or pretend to be someone you are not – to cheat feelings of people, making false announcements or do something that’s not acceptable by this forum. This is a reminder on what you should NOT do and if it’s a personal issue thing, please handle it outside of the forum, as forum staff will not waste their time on personal issues. Remember: Don’t trust anyone entirely over the Internet


    21. No 18+ images! Except in authorised section of the forum marked with 18+. Do NOT post real life nude or pornographic materials. (unless in the 18+ section)

    22. Sensitive issues such as anti-gay, military, religion and political issues etc… it usually invite flame wars.

    23. yaoi, yuri and straight hentai threads are only allowed if the characters are 18+ in the anime, manga.

    24. Infringing on a person or a group’s equality – gender, class, race etc.

    25. Requesting or sending of illegal file-sharing – commercial software.


    26. Users of this forum are required to only post images for which they hold the copyrights or images that belong to the public domain (see points below).

    27. Do not do pictures thieving (posting other sites photos without consent) if the images were not taken by you, as they are automatically copyrighted to the artist/photographer.

    28. Do not use them even if you have explicit permission from the photographer as We do not have a way to verify the explicit permission given to you from our end.

    28.1You can use images if they are in the public domain. The internet is not a public domain (It should be but it’s not *sad face*).

    28.2. Just because you see an image in a Google image result page does not make the image ‘public domain’

    28.3. The public domain images must come from a website where it has a disclaimer example: “you can use these images however you want”, “these images are released to the public domain”.

    28.4. If the images come from a public domain, please add a link to the website in question and add a note that they are not your images. This applies for Avatars and Signature.

    29. Images that come to our attention that are COPYRIGHTED to other people will be removed. Note: You the user are responsible for what you post under your account!


    30. No 18+ images!

    31. Do NOT post real life nude or pornographic materials. This includes, but is not limited to, pictures, avatars, signatures, Profile Intro image and links.

    32. Genitalia/breasts are forbidden.

    33. Do not use avatars that you randomly found on the internet or comes from a photo that is not yours. They probably have a copyright on them. See COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL section.

    34. You are responsible for your avatar and signature.

    35. Total Signature Size must be of reasonable height and width. This includes the text in the signature space, please be reasonable with the number of lines you used for text (we did not set any limit rule for this as most people’s signature has no problem with text space issue).

    3.5.1. The Staff member has the right to change your signature if they see fit at any time !!!


    36. Hotlinking is NOT Permitted!.

    37. Do NOT post more than 5 pictures in a single post.

    38. No 18+ images! Except in authorised section of the forum marked with 18+. Do NOT post real life nude or pornographic materials. (unless in the 18+ section)


    39. Disclaimer: Proud Gaymers, its owners, administrators and moderators do not assume any responsibilities for the actions of its members including (but not limited to):

    • Downloading or uploading of any digital (but not limited to) media, files, photos, etc. from or to this forum or elsewhere.
    • The use of posting these materials.
    • The consequences of posting these materials.

    40. No Uploading of any copyrighted material is allowed!

    41. Do NOT share anywhere else the download links posted on this forum unless you have received permission from the original uploader to do so.

    42. No copyrighted material is allowed.

    BE WISE!

    – Ask questions in appropriate sections and post wisely!

    – We will move topics that do not belong in the right section.

    – Intelligent posts usually give a good image of yourself and earn the respect of other members. You could receive more reputation points that way.

    – Do NOT abuse the post count system by posting few words comments meant simply to raise your post count! Also, do NOT revive old and dead/inactive threads for the same reason. Abusive posts will be deleted.

    – Help whenever you can, even if you are not a Mod. Actually, that’s how we select our volunteer members.

    Ban Appeals and Reporting:

    43. You may appeal to the Staff by using the contact us page on the main website if you think there’s a mistake somewhere for some reason. However, please note that if you really did do or say something that’s against the rules, the warning and ban will stay even though you think you are right. This is a forum that has its own set of rules and please do not compare with another site, we are all different. Rules are there for a reason. So we hope you will instead embrace it, and just don’t do it again as we usually give friendly reminders.


    The administration (Admins) and/or the moderators reserve the right to edit, modify, delete any (but not limited to) messages, photos, videos, animated gifs, attached files, links, signatures, avatars, private messages also known as PM, etc. and/or restoring parts of those files, data mentioned above that could have been removed from a previous decision from the administration and/or the moderators.

    We, the administration (Admins) and/or the moderators, also reserves the right to: suspend, delete, ban, or disable any member’s account.

    The administration (Admins, Owners) also reserves the rights (but is not limited) to:

    • Undo what the moderators do on this forum.
    • Add or remove any account privileges to any account throughout the forums.
    • Unsuspend, undelete, unban, or re-enable any member’s account.
    • Modify any part of the forums, template, mods, addons, servers, DNS etc.
    • Do and keep backups of all information from (but not limited to) the files and databases that are on servers that contain everything that has been posted through time (even deleted data) that are stored on the servers or on any third-party software or service that we use.
    • Use any part of the files or data that is stored in (but not limited to) the backup files, the server itself or file, data, software or service from third party that we use.
    • Upgrade or downgrade the forum software or change the forum software completely.
    • Restrict access in any way to the forum or server that we use.
    • Put the forum in maintenance mode for as long as we need to or deemed necessary.
    • Shut down temporarily or permanently (but not limited to) all services associated with our sites and the forum itself or any third party software that we use.

    Note: All of the above rights can be used at any time for any reason at our sole discretion without any prior notification or warnings.

    IMPORTANT: We reserve the right to edit the rules on this page at any time and shall take immediate effect once modified. Please visit this page often to keep track of the changes, this is your responsibility.



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