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    Note: Before we let you create a clan/guild page on this site you must request it in the Clan forum. This will let us keep spam off our site. We can either create the page for you or we can give you the right to create the page yourself.

    Creating Clans

    A clan can be created using the Create clan button in the top right corner of the website. Each user can create any number of clans and can be a member of any number of clans created by others.

    When creating a clan, you can select the clan’s name, avatar and custom background. You will have access to Visual Composer to create a layout of the clan’s page!

    Important! During the clan creation process, clan admin has to select which games his/her clan plays. Otherwise, other clans won’t be able to challenge the clan. To do that, the clan admin has to add a Games Block Visual Composer element to the clan’s page. Here’s how to do that:

    1- Click the Add element button:

    2- Select the Games Block element:

    3- Select games that your clan plays:


    Becoming a member of another clan:

    Every user has the possibility to become a member of another clan. To do that, visit another clan’s page and click the Request to join button.

    Once the request is sent, the clan’s admin will see your request on there clan’s ‘Members’ page. Clans admin can then accept or refuse the request.


    Clan administrators:

    Clan admins can designate other clan users can give the administrator role. This can be done from the clan’s ‘Members’ tab.

    Keep in mind that only one user (the original clan creator) can be a Super Admin of the clan. Only Super Admins can manage clan’s page and settings.


    Challenging other clans for a match!

    Each clan can challenge any other clan (that plays the same game) for a match. To do that, a member of one clan has to visit another clan’s page and click the Challenge * Clan button. Once the challenge has been sent, it will appear in another clan’s Matches tab, where that clan’s user can either accept or refuse the challenge.

    Once the challenge has been accepted, the match will appear in both clans’ Matches tab.

    Once the match expires, users of a clan that took part in that match will be able to input the score for that match. The score has to be accepted by the opposing clan – only then it will be displayed for everyone to see.

    Reporting / Flagging matches

    Every user can report / flag a match. This can be done by clicking the flag icon in the top-left corner of a match page.

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