Rust Server

The Rust server is offline for the time being.

TLDR: [US/CAN] 9/3 | | LGBTQ+ & Straight Ally | No Decay | 2x | Solo – Trio | Kits | BP wipe 3x year.

Proud Gaymers is a gaming community serving the LGBTQ+ and straight ally gamers that live in the northern parts of the USA and all of Canada. Proud Gaymers goal is to let you find other like-minded gamers and create a network of friends. We are a LGBTQ+ and noob-friendly Rust server.

Server Highlights:
– High performance dedicated server.
– ADULT server management and monitoring.
– Active Mods and Admin.
– 2 DLC
– Starter kits (no P2W).
– 1 Safe Zone.
– AI mobs wandering around the map.
– Sign image import option.
– Groups: Solo/Duo/Trio (inforced)
– No Decay.
– Gathering: 2x more resources than normal.
– Map size: 4250 Size [Procedural Map].
– Map wipe: 1st Thursday of the month @ Update.
– BP wipe 3 times a year on the 1st Thursday of December, April and August at update.
– EAC/VAC not welcome.
– No racism or homophobia.

By joining our servers you agree to the terms in the following: general server rules, our terms of use and service and our privacy policy.

We are looking forward to growing the server to create an amazing experience for all chill players!

You can find our Proud Gaymers server under the modded section in rust.

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